Kiwiwho & Maeva is a new high-speed thrill-a-minute action-comedy series for kids. From their animal sanctuary island home of Korata, New Zealand, our two heroes, travel the world,  fighting to save endangered animals and protect important ecological habitats from destruction caused by the greed and ignorance of human activity!




Comedy Action

5 to 8 years old

52 x 11 minute episodes


This is the First trailer for Kiwiwho & Maeva Project

Official selection Cartoon Forum 2018

Our presentation was a great success!

Want to know more about the project?

Pitching & co-pro event - TV series 
10 – 13 Sep 18 Toulouse (France)

We was pretty nervous before the pitch  but when we saw the public coming to our presentation we felt much better. In the public there was major european broadcasters, investors and producers. We are currently seriously talking to a couple of broadcasters that show a strong interest for the project!...

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