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The Kiwiwho app will be completely free to download and use for one child. However, you can upgrade your subscription to access new courses every week and to unlock additional tools. You will never lose your game data, and the learning journey will be available across all your devices.


There are two kinds of users: children and adults, each with different rights and access. Our simple reporting system will allow you to see how your kids progress.

The Kiwiwho app is clever, and it will automatically update what your kids need to study or review based on how they are doing. Our technology will show personalized, real-time recommendations, but your child will make the decisions about what to learn.

In the app, which is set to launch in July 2022, videos, animations, riddles, and other exciting content will appear on the adorable Kiwiwho Fantastic Island. The scenery is magnificent and will provide a valuable context for recall.

The island's instructional topics and activities will be strategically grouped across its landscape, building a memory palace in the mind of the young learner.

The island is an open world, so children can go where they want. New activities and areas to discover will be constantly added, so the app will not be static. Every week there will be new animations, new scenery, and new knowledge to find.

If you want to get a significant price cut, participate in the roadmap, mint your Kiwi bird and join our VIP community on Discord. You just have to register.

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