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That is where our story started. We were exploring how to create high-quality animation for tv and cinema. We started to use Unreal Engine. We began to use simulation instead of animation, but the team was literally playing with the vehicles created for a tv series. It was fun just exploring the environment. Our kids started to play with these very expensive digital toys, spending hours just exploring the Island. It was fantastic. Kiwiwho Fantastic Island was born. And it is a metaverse. There will be private Islands a huge underwater scenery you can explore with your submarine. You will be able to build houses, and arenas, create a garden and visit friends. 

The Game

We've already built a prototype.
We now have to add educational content and finalize the gameplay. But that's not all we (the creators) as we were playing with it. We got crazy and started to imagine adding machine guns to the helicopter and populating the Island with Kiwi Zombies. The badass Mode was born. So now we will have two games in one: Friendly Mode for kids and Badass Mode for us, parents or not. How cool is that?

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