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Bags and School accessories: 

We have already developed a nice, high-quality collection of school bags and bags for adults. They have our unique tattoo theme style, which makes them stand out everywhere you go. Show that you are part of the revolution by proudly using them.

On any Gilance or Kiwiwho store, members can get a 25% discount while NFT owners will receive a Free Bag of the value of €50. We deliver anywhere around the world; delivery fees are not included.



The design phase has commenced. We will delight NFT owners.

Expanding Core Team:

We will expand the core team to include additional artists, developers, researchers, and more. We know what we want to achieve, and we know how to get there. We just need a Kiwiwho special force.


IRL Events:

Meet-ups, exhibits, music festivals, and more allow us to expand our reach beyond a purely digital experience. Kiwiwho was already at MIP-TV, MIP-Com, Annecy Festival, Cartoon Forum, and Cartoon 360, and we will attend KIDSCREEN, American Film Market, and GDC. Sit tight, Kiwiwho is coming for these markets. We have a lot of experience attending these events. It's what we have done for years. Expect TV series, movies, and special movies to be made. 

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