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Clean your environment and get free material TO MAKE stunning masterpieces!

How nice and sweet is it to have a walk on the #beach when you’re a kid! Hearing seagulls, feeling the wind on the skin, looking at the rising sun, wondering and looking for things on the beach: feathers, shells, crabs and unfortunately now #plasticpieces

Today we want to bring the idea of taking of your #creativity and contribute to cleaning our #environment while creating a masterpiece!

How to make It ?

1. Search for a location where you can find #plasticpieces. Often plastic pieces travel by wind and end in waters. Meaning that beaches are quite the best places to find some plastic from the sea. Rivers also keep a lot of plastic so as long as you see some water look at the riversides. Even the littles ones nearby parks. They might have much treasures for you!

2. Get an equipment: A bag to collect plastic, a towel to dry them if needed, gloves, organic glue

3. Go on your spot and free nature from all its trash. It can also be nice to this with your friends or family and make create a collective canvas!

4. Wash out the plastic pieces with water

5. Sort the plastic pieces by colors

6. Find a canvas or a piece of wood to glue the pieces on

7. Start your creation: You can use the pieces to make a patchwork, a sculpture or whatever inspires you!

Get inspired !

Here are some artists that work with plastic pieces from trash. Mary Ellen Croteau focuses on bottle caps to work her art. Mandy Barker is a photographer who creates visually stunning works about the impact of ocean waste. "Hong Kong soup" represents 1826 plastics collected on more than 30 different beaches in Hong Kong.

Check out Judith Selby & Richard Lang's talking about how plastic waste inspires their creations!

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