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Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Tonight is New Year's Eve and on this occasion, we like partying. For special occasions, we party throwing in the air magnificent #fireworks illuminating the sky with a thousand lights. Yes, but here it is; this is a habit that does not respect our #environment, starting with #animals that we disturb a lot! During every fireworks, veterinary clinics observe a significant increase of appointments because of the noise of the fireworks. This noise stresses our animals so much, some even try to escape and get lost, others very fragile towards stress issues even die of stress, this is the case of rabbits particularly prone to heart attacks.

What can be done to help our pets cope better with fireworks?

Rodents like #rabbits, #hamsters, #ferrets, #hamsters should be put indoor, away from noise. You can also give them extra material to #shelter so they can feel more secure. Brin them more hay for example!

As for birds and rodents, do not hesitate to cover their cage with a blanket so that they won't be frightened at the sight of the firework but also in order to reduce the noise!

For dogs and cats, same advice as for your small animals: put them inside your home and give them a place to hide if necessary. Hide the sounds of the fireworks with soft music for example, close doors and windows because they can have the reflex to run away just because they're scared!

Remember that your animals understand you and that talking to them gently soothes them. So do not hesitate to congratulate them for their calm or courage in such a situation! ;)

It's actually the same logic for all animals including horses: try to provide them a place where they can feel safe and as much as possible safe from noise and also from the sight of the fireworks that cause flashes that may scare them. And do not hesitate to stay with them to calm them down! :)

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