Kiwiwho & Maeva Goes to the Forum Cartoon!

The Cartoon Forum is one of the most important event in the European animation industry.

The team worked about a year to prepare our submission to this highly selective event.

The link open the Cartoon-Media website. By scrolling dow you will see Kiwiwho & Maeva.

Look for this picture:

It's a super opportunity for Kiwiwho!

The project will be visible to more than 900 professionals, broadcasters, investors, distributors and other producers.

Stay tuned I will publish other articles to explain more about the event and how we are doing there. The Cartoon Forum will be held from the 10 – 13 Sep 18 in Toulouse (France)Almost all European tv series was presented there such as Peppa Pig, Pyjamasques and many many other tv series... We will do anything to have Kiwiwho & Maeva added to this long list! We are working on a trailer and animation tests.

More on that later...

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