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The world's first open-world educational video game that reduces learning difficulty by 98%

You're intrigued, aren't you?

When you watch a video online, only 20% will stick in your head, and it will only last for a day! The next week, 97% will be forgotten.

If only there was some kind of solution that would allow us to retain everything easily and remember 98% of everything we see!

Kiwiwho's fantastic island is an open-world video game designed for young children aged 4-6. The game has been designed so players can explore different areas like a fishing village or a music village. Along the way, they'll discover new words, practice counting skills, and solve quizzes together with their kiwi friends. It's never too early to start developing your child's mind!

Behind its cute design, the game analyzes what your kid has learned and determines what should be learned next. It also predicts how well they will do on a test. This alone is a huge improvement in learning because it helps kids review things that are about to slip away from them while giving them ample time to learn new stuff!

Learning is about to get much more interesting! The game does not simply review one topic at a time, but rather tracks what they know and reviews stuff just enough for your kid to never forget it again without being overwhelmed or bored with too much repetition.

We just cut the learning time by 40.

There's nothing magical about it, though it may feel like something special. We’re just eliminating unuseful repetitions and consolidating memories before they are forgotten forever.

People like to think that kids are the perfect learning machines. But the truth is, before age 6 their memory can be pretty unstable, especially when it comes to remembering places and people. The reason? It's hard for kids to connect memories together without context...

The kids who visit the island are not just playing around. They're actually journeying and learning inside a vibrant, 3D mental map full of touchstones that help provide context for their learning. It's based on our clever memorization techniques that create lasting memories - but there's one more thing: they now have a place where those memories can live! That is Kiwiwho Fantastic Island.

And on the island, believe it or not, the learning time is cut by 98%!

Kiwiwho's Fantastic Island: who knew that learning could be this fun, fast, and easy at the same time?


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