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Why an open world is so important for kids' education?

Kiwiwho Fantastic Island is a large, open-world environment. There are no levels, objectives, or defined paths.

At kiwiwho productions, we intended to adhere to these most recent educational trends.

The Spring Lake Park Schools, for example, created a new K-4 elementary school in 2018, seizing the chance to embrace a forward-thinking curriculum.

The learning commons, at the heart of Centerview Elementary, serves as a common meeting place for the school and the community. The school encourages flexible and personal learning in the early grades by utilizing learning studios that can handle single, small group, large group, and multichannel classes.

Everything in the learning studios, including furniture and operationable walls, is adaptable from top to bottom. The design of Centerview Elementary School reflects the district's focus on learning styles rather than teaching preferences. While teachers guide the process, students lead their own path to knowledge.

Fantastic Island will allow your kid to explore the location freely and make their own decisions, finding information nuggets. There are a number of mini-games, all with educational and entertaining videos. But other features include a one-of-a-kind method that closely monitors your tiny student to optimize his or her learning journey.



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