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As a community member, you may take advantage of a significant price cut when we begin our Kickstarter campaign. Here's how to make the most of your membership.

Get a 47% discount

Get a 47% discount when we launch our Kickstarter campaign.

Choose your Kiwiwho bag

VIPs get high-quality Kiwiwho schoolbags for free if you bake our Kickstarter campaign.

Access the VIP
Kiwiwho group


The Kiwiwho VIP Facebook group will let you chat with the creators, influence choices, give your opinion, and get offers that will be only for VIPs. 

Get a whopping 47% discount

As a VIP you will get a secret link

There will be an exceptional limited offer for you on Kickstarter.

For 48 hours, you will be able to choose from different offers and get your exclusive discount.

As a VIP, you will get special offers, discounts and all sorts of advantages.

And don't worry: we will notify you well in advance and receive reminders so you will not miss anything.


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Get your hands on an exclusive Kiwiwho bag


All VIP offers will come with a Kiwiwho bag (value ~$50)

The Kiwiwho bags are made of heavy-duty materials and will arrive shortly after the campaign's success.

Your youngster will be ecstatic with their bag, which they can use to show off their Kiwiwho stuffed animals.

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Your VIP Facebook group membership
for parents and educators

Get access to incredible material, advice, and strategies from education experts and more.

You'll have the opportunity to share thoughts and get information on utilizing Kiwiwho Fantastic Island in this group.

Get notifications about new versions and fresh content, meet with the creators, and receive updates on webinars.

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