The fantastic

Kiwiwho island 

And discover what you are capable of!



Kiwiwho is a friend that loves playing with his nice toys.


Kiwiwho knows a whole lot of stuff, and he will share it with your little players.

The island is about 6 KM square. That's much space to play on.

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To finance the final development of Kiwiwho Fantastic Island, we will launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

You can help us developing the fantastic kiwiwho island by getting all prototypes to test them and provide us your opinion. The symbolic gesture of paying 1€ is significant to us. It will encourage the team to double down their efforts, and you will receive one of the ambassador's gifts with all of the Kickstarter ambassador pledges.


You will become a kiwiwho island ambassador and receive an official nomination letter. 

Each time we build a new prototype, you will receive a link to download it.

​The island is a virtual amusement park. It will be equipped with roller coasters, attractions, and rivers. You may have the chance to see little rabbits, birds, and plenty of other animals. They will not be afraid of you, and you may interact with them and feed them.

There are many toys available, slides, cars, trains, boats, drums, and much more.

You can crash the car, travel on a train, pilot a boat, and a helicopter. All of it will develop attention, rapid thinking, spatial orientation, and more...

Each village will have different activities. You may dive into the sea and feed fishes according to their number or color.

Or guess the letters that compose a word on the train alphabet.

Kiwiwho will constantly challenge the little player and precisely adapt to their skills. If it "feels" they answer well, it will raise the difficulty a little. Just enough. But if the player fails to answer correctly, Kiwiwho will decrease the difficulties and come back to easier problems to solve. Gently review what was forgotten.

Kiwiwho "know" what the player knows and what he doesn't.

The island will also evolve and get new stuff from the cloud every week.

Each player will have her own garden where each flower each tree will represent a piece of knowledge. These talking plants will talk to the player begging for attention like a little puppy needs to be petted.

The kiwis on the island are builders; they will, build new houses, and new amusements.

That creates new difficulties and challenges. The player will be able to follow them and literally be part of the adventures.