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Full-time moderation team: 

Mods help protect and grow our community, the most valuable part of Kiwiwho.

We already have a great team; however, we need to bring on a group of paid full-time and part-time mods. To keep the community friendly and productive, Kiwiwho mods have daily calls with the Community and Product teams.

Our vision is to create the most efficient education system ever built in order to help your kid reach unimaginable potential.


Create Kiwiwho Grants:

Calling all teachers, builders, artists, and creatives! The Garden is full of talented human beings that want to use their skills and passion for Kiwiwho to create new things for the community. Kiwiwho will empower and provide grants to excellent members with great ideas through a grants program. We are working through the legal framework and application process.


Community Spaces:

From casual hangouts to heartfelt stories, we want to see community-run spaces sprout all over Twitter. These forums will be important places to grow the connective tissue of our community. This will help kids get the benefits of the Kiwiwho Revolution. Please contact us and we will provide you with videos, pictures, information, and whatever we can offer to help you.

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