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Download (click on download the prototype button) and extract the files from "" then: Double click on Kiwiwho.exe

This prototype will let you visit the Kiwiwho Fantastic Island and try the vehicles.

You are welcome to try any silly stuff you please to break the game and report what you would like to improve.

Use the mouse to orient Kiwiwho, the car, or the Helicopter.

For the kiwi bird or vehicles use the following keys:

 Keyboard "W" to walk/go forward, and "S" to walk to the camera. You can also walk right and left using "Q" and "D."

On AZERTY Keyboard "Z" to walk forward, and "S" to walk to the camera. You can also walk right and left using "Q" and "D."

You can use the "E" key when you are near the car, train, helicopter, or boat to jump on them.

In Mountain Village. Walk around to find the train, the car, and the boat or the helicopter. It is worth exploring the field behind the train with the car. There is a nice place for off-road fun.

You can also find two stumps (in each village) that will let you jump directly into the two other villages: the Music Village and the Fishing Village. To jump in these magic teleports, press the "E" key.

Near the Music, Village is a stage where there are 3 musicians. Go near the yellow kiwi and press the "E" key to start the Music minigame proof of concept. It will be improved in future prototypes.

Near the Fishing Village, you can climb the hill to reach the railroad. When you are near the railroad, you can press the "E" key to start the alphabet minigame. Once you have correctly completed the minigame, you can jump onto the train and start visiting the island. 

In the fishing village, if you walk in the sea direction, you will see the boat and the race track. The track is a little challenging, but the jumps are spectacular once you get used to it.

With the boat, you can navigate around the island.

You also have many mini video theaters you can go near them and type "E" to discover the videos.
This is just a proof of concept, but it's already quite enjoyable.

The learning system is not yet available, but you can already see how it will be done.

Right now, you can choose your Avatar between 3 different Kiwis. And where you will start the game. The car will be easier to drive yet very reactive.
There will be more fun stuff to do and an improved "hot weel" style track. Perhaps a second one...

As soon as the Facebook group will start, we will let you know...

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